• Web Design
    Web Design
    Web applications and design, backend software, mobile applications development, dev-ops infrastructure, AR + VR dev, AI, machine learning,
  • Brand Management
    Brand Management
    Improve your brand reputation through public relations and our 24/7 brand monitoring solutions that protect your brand from fraudsters and bad actors.
  • B2C Outreach Data
    B2C Outreach Data
    Run successful cold outreach campaigns to your target audience. Generate targetted leads from the world's largest B2C contact database.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization
    Gotta stand out without all the clout? Our team's collective SEO expertise has allowed us to deliver 300+ BILLION impressions to 50+ clients.

New Jersey Jobs


9+ companies hiring New Jersey experts at top blockchain companies.

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  • VP Business Development

    The VP of Business Development’s main goal is to help and guide the growth of the Kadena ecosystem through strategic planning and carefully crafted decisions.

  • Kadena Ecosystem Business Development

    The Ecosystem Business Development position’s main goal is to help and guide the growth of the Kadena ecosystem through strategic planning and carefully crafted decisions.

  • Incubator General Manager

    The Incubator General Manager’s main goal is to support the incubation of new product ideas, businesses to build, and transformational go-to-market projects for the Kadena Ecosystem.

  • Head of Partnerships

    The Head of Partnerships’ main goal is to find and shape Kadena’s relationships with agency and tech partners, defining objectives and timelines, establishing repeatable, data-driven practices, and...

  • Director of NFT

    The Director of NFT’s main goal is to take responsibility for the Marmalade product and the overall growth of Kadena’s NFT ecosystem.

  • Director of DeFi

    The Director of DeFi’s main goal is to manage communication, build and manage strategic relationships, and identify and capture growth opportunities within the DeFi space.

  • Business Analytics Lead

    The Business Analytics Lead’s main goal is to lead discovery of generating business value from data, create dashboards, reports, and translate these analytics into narrative insights and stories.

  • Operations Coordinator

    Kadena is hiring an operations coordinator to provide generalist project and administrative support to our operations team, covering functions such as accounting, legal and HR.

  • Graphic Designer

    We are seeking a new Graphic Designer to join our team.