• Web Design
    Web Design
    Web applications and design, backend software, mobile applications development, dev-ops infrastructure, AR + VR dev, AI, machine learning,
  • Brand Management
    Brand Management
    Improve your brand reputation through public relations and our 24/7 brand monitoring solutions that protect your brand from fraudsters and bad actors.
  • B2C Outreach Data
    B2C Outreach Data
    Run successful cold outreach campaigns to your target audience. Generate targetted leads from the world's largest B2C contact database.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization
    Gotta stand out without all the clout? Our team's collective SEO expertise has allowed us to deliver 300+ BILLION impressions to 50+ clients.

India Jobs


8+ companies hiring India experts at top blockchain companies.

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  • Tokenomics & Treasury Manager

    We are adding a Tokenomics Treasury Manager to our team to handle some of our most complicated finance priorities related to our digital assets, manage, grow, and evolve our treasury discipline...

  • Senior Finance Manager (from a Crypto Exchange)

    As Senior Finance Manager with previous finance management experience within a cryptocurrency exchange or blockchain or NFT company.

  • Web3 Token Business Analyst

    We are seeking someone who is highly detailed and analytical, comfortable with leveraging crypto token rewards and management software and significant stakeholder communication.

  • iOS Tech Lead & Scrum Master

    We are looking for an experienced technical specialist who has previously worked with a range of business systems, and enjoys working with a diverse range of technical and non-technical stakeholders.

  • DevOps Engineer

    Key Responsibilities • Develop and maintain scalable, resilient cloud-based infrastructure using an Infrastructure as Code approach.

  • Data Integration Engineer

    We are looking for an experienced technical specialist to join our team.

  • C#.Net Developer

    Eve World is a deep tech mobile platform; web3, DAO, blockchain based app bridging the gap in providing freedom in the virtual world through relatable multi-format, entertaining content, creator and...

  • Host In-person ZetaChain Meetup - Bounty

    Apply by pitching your idea and plan for the event the below: • Your mission?